A core value of both YPO and YPO Gold, frequent educational programs are offered to instill the type of knowledge that Members and their Families need to be effective leaders on a local, regional and global stage. Leveraging a network of extensive alliances that includes Global Thought, Business and Political Leaders as well as the world’s top business schools, YPO Education Programs and Events are carefully designed to furnish Members with privileged information they need to stay ahead in the world.


YPO Networks are internal groups populated by the Global Membership. Networks provide YPOers with the means to truly customize their membership and there is an existing Network for literally all facets of business, industry and personal lifestyle from philanthropic groups to wine enthusiasts, the boardroom to fun.


Members are encouraged to join forums within their Chapter to share with their peers in a confidential environment facets of their business, personal and family life. The most popular service provided to YPO and YPO Gold Members, Forums are your own personal advisory board that can tackle any topic within a strictly confidential and trustworthy environment. Forums provide a unique level of Peer-to-Peer feedback that Members so rarely obtain in life.

Member Exchange

Another strictly confidential service, the YPO Member Exchange has been credited with saving businesses and lives. A devise that eradicates red tape, the Member Exchange gives YPO Members access to the entire global membership network and its alumni to request help, advise or assistance. Members’ have the freedom to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to share their expertise directly or to open their Networks in response.


YPO and YPO Gold strongly believes that Every Great Leader Needs a Great Family. Regular events are organized to include both Spouses and Children designed to offer stimulating and inspiring education, experiences and fun to enable Member Families to discover the world together and to create a legacy of leadership.